4 Advantages to Wearing Glasses and Contacts Together

We all know that using eyewear can help you see better. Whether it is reading glasses, contacts, or prescription eyeglasses, being able to see is the number one priority. At Glasses & Contacts Galore in Philadelphia, PA, you can buy designer frames or contacts at a fraction of the cost. Did you know that you can wear glasses and contacts together? Here are three advantages of wearing glasses and contacts together.

Multiple Eye Problems

Having different eye distortions is common. You may have farsightedness as well as being nearsighted. This can make you have difficulty reading or seeing street signs from afar. If you wear your contacts for seeing far away, you can use reading glasses or prescription glasses to be able to read without removing your contacts. Glasses & Contacts Galore can help you choose the correct contacts and glasses for your needs. All you have to do is bring in your prescription.

Difficulty in Eye Stabilization

While this is not a common occurrence, some optometrists recommend that you wear glasses and contacts together. Eye stabilization is the issue of unconscious eye movement. With nearsightedness contact lenses and magnifying eyeglasses, you can help control eye movement. At Glasses & Contacts Galore, you can find exactly what you are looking for, and we take most healthcare insurance plans!

Combination of Astigmatism and Farsightedness

We all know what farsightedness is, but what is Astigmatism? Astigmatism is a common eye problem that leaves your vision blurry or distorted. When you wear glasses and contacts together, you can correct this issue. Being able to see better is always the number one goal. With our expert staff at Glasses & Contacts Galore, we can help you find the right combination for your needs.

Cosmetic Reasons

Sometimes it is perfectly ok to do things for vanity purposes. You may look great with a pair of glasses but still want the convenience of contacts. It is safe and effective to wear both. At Glasses & Contacts Galore, you can browse 1000s of high-quality designer glasses. These can either be prescription glasses or faux glasses. You can wear the glasses and contacts together for a sleek style and eyesight purposes.

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