Eyeglasses are not only crucial for sight but for looking fashionable as well. We all want to look our best for work, family, and social times. The style and color of your frames should be form-fitting and give you a heightened flare. Glasses & Contacts Glore in Philadelphia, PA, can give you a fresh radiance. Please bring in your prescription; our experience will help you find the perfect fit. What are some of the best eyeglasses frames for women?

Square Face Shape

A square face is typically a voluminous forehead with a defined jawline. You are among celebrities such as Sandra Bullock and Natalie Portman. You can rock this style by choosing cat-eye or round frames. Glasses & Contacts Glore has several styles to choose from that will make your face and eyes sparkle. You can glow with one of the best eyeglasses frames for women.

Clear Frames

Do you have the type of eyes that sparkle, especially in a particular light? Clear frames can help your eyes pop and bring out your natural tone. These are one of the best eyeglasses frames for women because your makeup will shine. You can get that natural look with a style that you have been dying for.

Round Face

When choosing the wrong style, glasses can make round faces look slightly bland. With a round face, you have grace and tone like Mila Kunis or Drew Barrymore. But finding the best eyeglasses frames for women with a round face could be challenging. Choosing a rectangle or square frame will help you rock those cool glasses. Glasses & Contacts Glore has many traditional or designer frames accentuating your beautiful features.


Wire rim frames are lightweight. When you first wear glasses, it can be uncomfortable and awkward. With wireframes, you notice them less and do not feel so bulky. Also, you may feel apprehensive and shy while you get used to your new look. They are less noticeable, so you can still feel confident wearing them. With these reasons in mind, Glasses & Contacts Glore can assist you in finding the best eyeglasses frames for women.

Call (215) 969-5566 or stop by our website for the best deals on your prescription glasses in the Philadelphia area. Glasses & Contacts Glore have over 1000 brands to choose from, including designer labels. When you are unsure of the best eyeglasses frames for women, we can help! Our experienced team will leave you satisfied.