For many Americans, prescription eyeglasses serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose. They not only improve your vision but also allow you to express your personal style. However, purchasing a new pair can be quite expensive, particularly if you opt for the traditional route of visiting a doctor’s office or eyewear chain. This is especially true if your prescription is complex. Over half of Americans wear prescription glasses, which can be an expensive yearly venture with the current inflation prices.

You can save tons of money when you shop at local eyeglass stores. Glasses & Contacts Galore in Philadelphia, PA, has the deals for you. With over 1000 eyeglass frames to choose from, you will find the style you are looking for. Eyeglass frames start at $49. They have different types as well as designer frames. They take most insurance companies and are a fraction of the cost of your doctor’s office.

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It’s no secret that eyeglasses can be expensive when you purchase them from an eye doctor. And the reason for this is because of the high overhead cost and materials that come with running an optical business. The markup on glasses can be around 250%, which means that the retail price of a pair of eyeglasses can be twice the cost of the materials. On top of that, optical businesses have a high overhead due to rent, utilities, and insurance costs.

When it comes to the actual lenses, it’s hard to tell the difference between designs and how they’re used. Most lenses are made of plastic these days, with polycarbonate being the least expensive option. While it’s relatively thin and impact-resistant, better materials exist. Progressives, on the other hand, are a lens type with many variations. It’s like owning an old car, but unlike cars, you can completely customize the eyeglass frames to fit the individual’s prescription and face shape. The most advanced progressive machines use CNC technology to create structures that they tailor to each person’s needs.

It’s essential to remember that optometrist eyeglass sales make up a significant portion of their salary, approximately 62%. This means there may be a higher likelihood of markup on eyeglass frames and other eyewear products. It’s always a good idea to look around local eyeglass stores, such as Glasses & Contacts Galore, to compare prices to ensure you get the best price.

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Did you know that the average markup on frames is around 250%? So that hundred-dollar pair of eyeglasses that you think is a bargain, your optometrist paid about $40 for it. It’s important to shop around and compare prices before making purchases to avoid getting duped by an unfair markup.

When finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses, many people don’t realize that visiting a local retail store can be the best option. Not only can you try on different frames and see how they look on your face, but you can also get expert advice from the staff on which styles and shapes will suit you best. Plus, you’ll have the added peace of mind of seeing and touching the glasses in person before you make a purchase.

Stop by Glasses & Contacts Galore at 1619 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, or call (215) 969-5566 today to schedule an appointment. Glasses & Contacts Galore works with most insurance companies. Bring your prescription in and find the perfect eyeglass frames for your unique style.